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My name is Mariella Brunton and I have the pleasure of being the Junior Teacher. I love working at this school and I believe our class is a positive, fun, and caring environment. I live in Raglan with my husband and 3 children. I love the outdoors and I am thankful every day for living in such an amazing place.

As the Junior Room teacher, I believe it is my job to help our new children make the transition of starting school, easy and fun!

Because children come to School at such different stages of development, I try to make their transition personal and relevant to their needs. I try to use the Indoor/ Outdoor environment for developing motor skills, oral language, and personal confidence, before expecting them to read and write beyond their abilities.

Coming from a background in Performing Arts, I incorporate a lot of creative arts into my teaching. We dance and sing and make lots of exciting artworks.
I strongly believe in the importance of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. It is my goal to help all my students develop a good solid introduction to these areas of learning. A foundation for the children to get the most out of their Education.
I also like making learning meaningful and connecting it to real life experiences, my biggest motto is: To live life to its fullest and to love what you do”
I believe my classroom environment is capable of ensuring the children feel comfortable yet challenged and that many opportunities are given to let them all share their strengths.

I would hope that the children in my class become confident, lifelong learners.

Key Skills:

* I love working as a teacher and find it very rewarding.

* I have a Diploma in Performing Arts.

* I am a Reading Recovery trained Educator.

* I have completed my “Maori Ora” and “He Papa Tikanga” papers Level 3 Tikanga Maori

* A strong interest in ELearning

* I am a Mother 😉

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